Accepted papers

Accepted Papers

Regular papers accepted

Title Authors
Context-tailored Workload Model Generation for Continuous Representative Load Testing Henning Schulz, Dušan Okanović, André van Hoorn and Petr Tuma
Libra: A Benchmark for Time Series Forecasting Methods André Bauer, Marwin Züfle, Simon Eismann, Johannes Grohmann, Nikolas Herbst and Samuel Kounev
ESPBench: The Enterprise Stream Processing Benchmark Guenter Hesse, Christoph Matthies, Michael Perscheid, Matthias Uflacker and Hasso Plattner
An Exploratory Study of the Impact of Parameterization on JMH Measurement Results in Open-Source Projects Peter Samoaa and Philipp Leitner
SymFlex: Elastic, Persistent and Symbiotic SSD Caching in Virtualization Environments Muhammed Unais P and Purushottam Kulkarni
Learning Queuing Networks via Linear Optimization Emilio Incerto, Annalisa Napolitano and Mirco Tribastone
A Multivariate Characterization and Detection of Software Performance Antipatterns Alberto Avritzer, Ricardo Britto, Catia Trubiani, Barbara Russo, Andrea Janes, Matteo Camilli, André van Hoorn, Robert Heinrich, Martina Rapp and Jörg Henß
RENOIR: Accelerating Blockchain Validation using State Caching Nitin Awathare, Sourav Das, Vinay J. Ribeiro and Umesh Bellur
SuanMing: Explainable Prediction of Performance Degradations in Microservice Applications Johannes Grohmann, Martin Straesser, Avi Chalbani, Simon Eismann, Yair Arian, Nikolas Herbst, Noam Peretz and Samuel Kounev
Prediction of the consolidation delay in blockchain-based applications Simonetta Balsamo, Andrea Marin, Isi Mitrani and Nicola Rebagliati
Compositional evaluation of stochastic workflows for response time analysis of composite web services Laura Carnevali, Riccardo Reali and Enrico Vicario
QN-based Modeling and Analysis of Software Performance Antipatterns for Cyber-Physical Systems Riccardo Pinciroli, Connie Smith and Catia Trubiani

Short papers accepted

Title Authors
Towards a Group Encryption Scheme Benchmark: A View on Centralized Schemes with focus on IoT Thomas Prantl, Peter Ten, Lukas Iffländer, Stefan Herrnleben, Alexandra Dmitrenko, Samuel Kounev and Christian Krupitzer
Performance Impact Analysis of Securing MQTT Using TLS Thomas Prantl, Lukas Iffländer, Stefan Herrnleben, Simon Engel, Samuel Kounev and Christian Krupitzer
LOOPS: A Holistic Control Approach for Resource Management in Cloud Computing Auday Al-Dulaimy, Javid Taheri, Alessandro Vittorio Papadopoulos and Thomas Nolte
ConfProf: White-Box Performance Profiling of Configuration Options Xue Han, Tingting Yu and Michael Pradel
PieSlicer: Characterizing and Dynamically Cutting Cloud Inference Response Time Samuel Ogden, Xiangnan Kong and Tian Guo
Multivariate Time Series Synthesis Using Generative Adversarial Networks Mark Leznik, Benjamin Schanzel, Patrick Michalsky, P-O Östberg, Peter Willis and Jörg Domaschka
Statement-Level Timing Estimation for Embedded System Design Using Machine Learning Techniques Vittoriano Muttillo, Paolo Giammatteo and Vincenzo Stoico
The Granularity Gap Problem: A Hurdle for Applying Approximate Memory to Complex Data Layout Soramichi Akiyama and Ryota Shioya

WiP and Vision papers

Title Authors
An Empirical Evaluation of Video Conferencing Systems Used in Industry, Academia, and Entertainment [Work-in-Progress] Jim Cuijpers, Kelvin Elsendoorn, Ean-Dan Tjon-Joek-Tjien, Riccardo Iesari, Federico Casenove, Jesse Donkervliet and Alexandru Iosup
Buzzy: Towards Realistic DBMS Benchmarking via Tailored, Representative, Synthetic Workloads Jörg Domaschka, Simon Eismann, Mark Leznik, Johannes Grohmann, Samuel Kounev and Daniel Seybold
Towards a Benchmark for Software Resource Efficiency Norbert Schmitt, Richard Vobl, Andreas Brunnert and Samuel Kounev
Optimization of Java Virtual Machine Flags Using Feature Model and Genetic Algorithm Felipe Canales, Geoffrey Hecht and Alexandre Bergel

Industrial track

Full papers (Industrial track)

Title Authors
Courier: Real-Time Optimal Batch Size Prediction for Latency SLOs in BigDL Sharwin Bobde, Diego Albo Martínez, Tomasz Motyka and Lydia Chen
Creating a Virtuous Cycle in Performance Testing at MongoDB David Daly
A Framework for Developing DevOps Operation Automation in Clouds using Components-off-the-Shelf Yar Rouf, Joydeep Mukherjee, Marin Litoiu, Joe Wigglesworth and Radu Mateescu
Network Performance Influences of Software-defined Networks on Micro-service Architectures Axel Busch and Martin Kammerer

Short papers (Industrial track)

Title Authors
Simulation of In-Memory Database Workload: Markov Chains versus Relative Invocation Frequency and Equal Probability - A Trade-off between Accuracy and Time Maximilian Barnert and Helmut Krcmar
The SPECpowerNext Benchmark Suite, its Implementation and New Workloads from a Developer's Perspective Norbert Schmitt, Klaus-Dieter Lange, Sanjay Sharma, Nishant Rawtani, Carl Ponder and Samuel Kounev
HLS_PRINT: High Performance Logging Framework on FPGA Nupur Sumeet and Manoj Nambiar


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